Our after-stroke home care provides care and reassurance, our carers support stroke rehabilitation including speech and mobility recovery. The after-effects of a stroke can be more than just physical, they can be long term and life changing. Strokes can occur to people at all stages of life and can have a very sudden and devastating impact on all involved.
The person may have suffered discernible changes to speech, muscle control or swallowing, but the less obvious effects such as fatigue, memory loss, depression and difficulty communicating all take patience and constant encouragement to reassure and rehabilitate the individual. Regaining independence is key to stroke recovery and there is nowhere better to achieve this than in the comfort of your own home. Being familiar with your surroundings goes a long way to increasing your confidence and reducing your anxiety whilst you try to master the skills which are crucial to your rehabilitation. Dedicated, around-the-clock after stroke care. One in four stroke survivors will go on to have a repeat attack within five years, and the 30 days following the initial stroke are peak time for this to occur. The benefits of having a one-on-one, live-in carer means that nothing is left to chance and subtle differences in reactions and behavior can be monitored and addressed early. Our expert carers are trained in how to spot the early signs of a stroke, including Ischemic, TIA (mini stroke) and Hemorrhagic conditions and your ImpalaCare package will support a swift hospital discharge to allow you or your loved one to get home and start the path to rehabilitation as soon as possible.

A one-to-one home care plan means that your carer can follow exact treatments, diet plans and
other lifestyle changes to best support you or your loved one. The physical and psychological after effects experienced by those who have experienced a stroke are usually addressed by a team of different specialists. Our highly trained carers can offer you a range of expert care skills delivered around-the-clock when you are being cared for at home. Day and night, as you need it. Our live-in carers are trained to support basic physio through professional instructions and speech and language support following guidance from a professional. They also have a good understanding of anxiety and depression and most importantly, patience and motivation to help you and your family adjust to new circumstances following a stroke. www.stroke.org.uk

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