End of life and palliative care is for people considered to be in the last phase of life. Sixty-three percent of people state they would prefer to die at home. Our specialist End of Life and Palliative care services offer compassion, comfort, and dignity to help people live as well as possible as they near the end of their life and enable them to die with dignity and respect in the secure comfort of home. Being supported to die at home in a place filled with the memories you have made throughout your life and surrounded by the people you love can make an enormous difference in your final days. Choosing to receive end-of-life and palliative care at home has an impact on the whole family ensuring a safe, peaceful, and familiar environment to be together during an emotional and distressing time.

It is an important part of palliative care which is given to people suffering from terminal illness.
If required, palliative care can be provided from the first diagnosis throughout the progression of their illness. Choosing to receive our specialist palliative care and end-of-life care services at home offers
significant improvements for quality of life. During this time, our priority is to provide a high
standard of holistic care and compassion to ensure a ‘good death’. ImpalaCare offers person-centered care supporting a range of needs, providing comfort, dignity, and respect.

Looking after someone with a terminal illness requires a special type of Carer who can carry out
tasks quietly and calmly, with thoughtfulness and respect. ImpalaCarers are skilled active listeners, trained to spot cues and understand the needs and emotions of those in their care. Having tailored end of life care at home helps improve quality of life and provides invaluable support for the whole family, alleviating stress and providing continuity of care without the disruptions and restrictions you would expect in a hospital / care home setting.

Our end-of-life and palliative care plans include:
➢ Support for pain management and relief.
➢ Personal care for comfort and dignity including washing and dressing, help with eating and drinking and continence management.
➢ Emotional and practical support including routine tasks such as housekeeping and meal preparation to enable families to focus on their loved one and make the most of their time together. Our carers can support you with regular home visits, respite care or around-the-clock live-in care.

Arranging end of life care. It is difficult to predict how long end of life care will last, a person’s needs can change dramatically within months, days and even hours. Our oneto-one carers can provide regular home visits, respite care or around-the-clock live-in care to suit the level of care and assistance required throughout.

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