The goal and objective of companion care is primarily emotional support and socialization. As we get older, life starts to slow down. At ImpalaCare, we understand that sometimes it can be difficult to plan social activities around your busy schedule. Companion care can help settle nerves just knowing that there is a friendly, caring companion who visits regularly. Companion care is one of our most requested
services. Our companion care services may cover a wide range of other activities that may include for example:
• Mental stimulation through brain teasers, puzzles and games can keep our
customers more alert and happier with their lives
• Chatting and conversation
• Cooking and sharing meals
• Help with your weekly shopping
• Joining in with your favorite hobbies
• Help with general domestic tasks (cleaning, laundry etc.)
• Help with travel arrangements
• Driving you where you would like to go
• Arranging and accompanying you to and from appointments
• Planning outings and visits
The aim of our companion care services is to ensure that you or your loved ones can
lead happy, healthy, and stimulating lives in the comfort of their own home or

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