Our Supported Living Services deliver short- and longer-term packages of specialist, outcomefocused support for adults (18+), children and young people (aged 13-17) and young people transitioning to adult services (16-17) with a range of complex care support needs such as autism, brain injuries, learning disabilities, Prader-Willie Syndrome (PWS), forensic needs, those who present challenging behavior, including mental health. At ImpalaCare, we believe that everyone has the right to live the life that they choose for themselves. Our specialist support enables people to live to live independently and safely in their local communities.

Our support and care are completely bespoke, and perfectly matched to the unique needs, preferences, and aspirations of each one.

Support and Care
We have developed a range of services to provide unique and individual care pathways for those we support. This puts the focus on the individual receiving a seamless service.
By offering these care pathways, we provide a wide range of benefits to each person that we
support. These include:
➢ Bespoke supported living options, enabling young adults to live in their own homes with their own tenancies.
➢ Thorough and detailed pre-placement assessment, with a clear pathway plan pre-16 years of age.
➢ All-inclusive and clear communication.
➢ Planned and detailed transitions, with key staff introduced early.
➢ Increased engagement to shape their own future
➢ Continuation of education/employment and a consistent home setting.
➢ Integrated and planned transitions from education to adult care Our care pathways also provide a range of benefits to commissioning teams.

These include:
➢ Early identification of changes to support needs and planned innovative approaches proposed.
➢ Highly effective positive behavior support (PBS) specialists to support transitions and behavior management.
➢ Decreased likelihood of a placement breakdown, due to consistency for the individual.
➢ Potential phased reduction of funding.
➢ Clear pathway plans to enable mapped vacancies and placements for future individuals.
➢ Planned discharge working to end of terms, with support ensuring positive transitions.
➢ A highly experienced and established management team

Delivering high quality support and care
We work closely with property owners to ensure that our residents receive the highest standards of care and support. Our staff teams have significant expertise in supporting people with complex needs and include dedicated positive behavior support (PBS) staff.
The REACH Standards are also embedded across our community living services. Our aim is to empower individuals to make their own choices about how they live their lives, but to be supported to do that when that may become difficult. Our staff take the time to really get to know each person and to understand their needs, interests, and goals. They provide the care and support which sees residents improve their wellbeing and independence and achieve their potential.

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