This is the short-term support provided by skilled professionals to individuals who are recovering from an illness, operation, or injury. This type of care is goal-oriented with the end goal being for the individual to regain their independence as well as well enough strength to cope without support. Nobody likes being in hospital and we all know that the best place to get better is at home. The sooner you are out of hospital, the quicker you are likely to be on the mend. Often you are “medically fit” to be discharged but you still need help. We offer convalescent care, which is tailored and flexible, for as little or for as
long as you needed. With home care from a Impalacare live-in carer, you can avoid convalescing in a care home and get out of hospital fast. Back amongst your family, friends, and pets, in the safety of your own
home where you feel your best. Whether you need just a bit of help with shopping and cleaning or someone there all the time, we can get a carer to you within the shortest time possible. Our carers can help manage any follow up medical care, supporting you with mobility and physio exercises and liaising with your support network, including loved ones, NHS and district nurses and physiotherapists. Let ImpalaCare Convalescent carers take care of you while you settle back in to the comfort of home and get back to your old self again. Our carers are respectful, compassionate, and dependable all the time while they care and support you in your home

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