Staying fit and healthy is an important part of maintaining good mental and physical fitness at any age. If a customer has an interest and ability to participate in local activities, our care assistants can support them and be involved as part of the homecare plan. Or perhaps a customer may want support to do some simple activities at home. Benefits of Physical Activity may include:
• Reducing the risk of developing chronic diseases
• Aids in the management of active problems such as high blood pressure,
diabetes, obesity, and high cholesterol
• Improves the ability to function and stay independent in cases where people
have lung disease or arthritis.
• Reduces symptoms of depression and pain; and
• Improves balance and prevents falls.
We encourage and support our customers to take part in simple, healthy activities, which may include something as basic as walking or dancing. Of course, participation in any activity will depend on the customer’s choice and abilities. A member of our team will discuss your preferences with you as part of your tailored homecare and support plan.

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