Diabetes is a common long-term condition that affects people, from any race, of any age or gender. According to Diabetes UK, more than 3 million people in the UK have been diagnosed with diabetes. Many more people may also have this condition but have not been diagnosed. Our bodies need glucose to provide the fuel we need for day to day living. A hormone called insulin allows the glucose we need to enter the cells from the blood stream. Diabetes is caused when glucose builds up in the bloodstream because the pancreas does not produce enough or any insulin or because the insulin is not working properly. At PuffinCare we understand that managing diabetes means making significant lifestyle
changes. Following a healthy diet and taking regular exercise are especially important. We
provide a range of care and support services to help you manage the challenges of living well
with this condition.
Our care assistants provide:
➢ Help with making healthy food choices, shopping, and cooking
➢ Regular meals and drinks to keep you hydrated and balance your blood glucose levels
➢ Encouragement to enjoy an active lifestyle which will improve self-care, promote mental health, and prevent falls
➢ Practical support to manage day-to-day symptoms such as fatigue, blurred vision, hunger, and weight loss
➢ Assistance with medication and checking your glucose levels
➢ Help identifying signs of hypoglycemia such as: confusion, changes to personality, frequent headaches, speech and self-care difficulties, poor appetite, aggressive behavior, unsteadiness and falls or loss of consciousness
➢ Liaison with health care services to help you get the best treatment.
➢ Our care assistants are also more than happy to provide a listening ear when you need it.

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