We provide high quality dementia home care services to support a range of conditions, including Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia. With over 30 years’ experience in providing dementia care services, we know that care at home in memorable surroundings offers better quality of life, a great deal of comfort and a sense of safety and familiarity. This is especially true for people living with dementia and crucially, being cared for at home reduces the need for disruption and change which can cause such anguish.

Our carers receive specialist dementia care training to provide flexibility, expertise, and support to help families adjust and adapt to the changing needs of someone living with dementia. Our dementia home care services can be arranged with short respite breaks, regular hourly home visits or around the clock, or live-in care for flexibility and peace of mind. Our compassionate, person-centered dementia care is tailored around the needs and characteristics of your loved one to offer:

➢ Continuity – we select a small team of carers who work on rotation providing our clients with the comfort of a familiar face.
➢ Personality – We never lose sight of the person behind the dementia. That is why a large part of our assessment process focuses on your loved one’s personality, history, hobbies, likes, dislikes, hopes and fears.
➢ Empowerment – One of the most important aspects of successful dementia care is to work with the person being cared for to ensure they can remain independent. We encourage all our clients to carry on doing the things they can do for themselves, but we are there to help when they come across something they cannot do.
➢ Empathy – We know that empathy and a caring attitude are key to the success of caring for someone living with dementia. These qualities are emphasized and grown throughout our training program so that our clients are treated as people primarily.
Carers are asked to think “how would I like it if it were me?” and to think about their client properly, using their imagination and the techniques we teach them, to really understand what the client wants. Please visit www.alzheimers.org.uk , www.dementiauk.org .

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